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Maastricht (Boschstraat 21)/ Roermond (Westhoven 7) / Maastricht-Airport (Europalaan 24)

Mail info@roooms.nl

ROOOMS Maastricht

+31 (0) 851 11 97 79
ROOOMS Maastricht is located in the heart of the city. Mix and mingle in the upcoming vivid neighborhood.

ROOOMS Maastricht

ROOOMS Maastricht-Airport

+31 (0) 436 31 26 00
ROOOMS Maastricht-Airport ligt, jawel, bij Maastricht-Airport. Handig om zakenrelaties te ontvangen of om zelf nog een paar uur te werken voordat je op reis gaat. Het moderne bedrijfsrestaurant is een perfect visitekaartje voor al je klanten.

ROOOMS Maastricht-Airport

ROOOMS Roermond

+31 (0) 851 11 97 77
ROOOMS Roermond has the biggest amount of office spaces. A great and beautiful location with all the services you need. Even parking is for free!

ROOOMS Roermond

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High Speed Internet

When developing your own business, you should be able to get online on every location. ROOOMS provides high speed WiFi so you don’t get bothered with annoying connection fails or download interruptions. Plug in your laptop and get going!

Meeting ROOOMS

Use MeetingROOOMS for important meetings or inspiring brainstorms. MeetingROOOMS are available in variable sizes, so there is always one that suits your needs. When you have a Desk- or SuiteROOOMS membership, the use of MeetingROOOMS is free!

Coffee, tea and fruit

We always have caffeine for that extra boost during your workday. Healthy entrepreneurs can also get this boost through vitamins! Coffee, thee and fresh fruit are available to anyone. Feel free to invite your clients for a cuppa!

Storage space

Not in the mood to carry around all your office supplies? Don’t worry, ROOOMS has several locker- and storage spaces available. Your possessions will be safely locked away, so you can travel home with peace of mind.

Mailing address

Do you find it difficult to keep your personal mail and business mail separated? Or would you like to keep your home address private? Use ROOOMS as your business address! It’s possible with a Flex-, Desk- or SuiteROOOMS membership.


At ROOOMS we understand that next to all your hard work, it’s also important to relax once in a while. Therefore, we have special GameROOOMS. Challenge other entrepreneurs for a game of pool, we’re happy to offer the winner a drink!

Bars & Lounges

Every ROOOMS has different Bars & Lounges. Relax for a bit or have an informal meeting to discuss ideas. Ask our Community Manager for the possibilities, or check the offer on the designated location page!

Fitness ROOOMS

Even though your work activities can be straining, you might spend a lot of time behind a desk. That’s why we invite you to also strain yourself physically in our FitnessROOOMS! Build a company while building some abs!


All ROOOMS locations are secured, day and night. You don’t have to worry about leaving your belongings: even when there is no one around. We want to make sure you’ll feel at home in ROOOMS, your home of business!


During the opening hours of ROOOMS our Community Manager is present. To welcome your guests, sort our your mail but mostly to be warmly greeted every morning! If you have any questions, just ask our Community Manager!


Every ROOOMS location offers different parking facilities. For you, as a member of the ROOOMScommunity, and for your guests. Ask our Community Manager for the possibilities, or check the offer on the designated location page!